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Some more technical hints for #Egypt

Cleaned up stuff from here

* How to circumvent the communications blackout in #Egypt in Arabic
* TOR Bridge 04FD6AE46E95F1E46B5264528C48EA84DB10CAC4
* #Egypt hams are on 7.050-7.200 MHz LSB
* Egypt Gov only blocking by DNS. So try IPs:
-> Twitter try or
-> Facebook or
-> VPN Server is now stable and open for FREE to ALL
-> FREE VPN Server to bypass ANY Blockage on ANY ADSL or Cell Network. Domain: User: FreeEgypt Pass: #Jan25
* Tor: Help the Egypt Revolutionaries by overcoming the Firewall
* Dialup:
-> We are now providing dialup modem service at +46850009990. user/pass: telecomix/telecomix (only for #egypt, respect that PLEASE!).
-> People of Egypt ONLY! Use this dial-up provided by friends in France to go online: +33172890150 (login 'toto' password 'toto')
-> Nour DSL is still working in Egypt, Dial up with 0777 7776 or 07777 666

Take care.


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