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Gelesen Juli/August/September 2019

43. Neal Stephenson, Interface (The book is from the 90ies so a lot of the technology  is a bit weird from todays point of view, but nevertheless an entertaining book.)

42. Neal Stephenson, Fall; Or, Dodge in Hell (Phew. That was hard work for me. I think all the biblical connotation and sometimes very long descriptions put this one more on the boring side for me.)

41. Friederike Schmöe, Wie weit du gehst (Und das reicht für die Rückfahrt.)

40. Friederike Schmöe, Bist du vergisst (Reicht für eine Zugfahrt nach Bayern.)

39. Lutz Seiler, Cruso (Ein Skandal, was die ARD aus dem Buch gemacht hat.)

38. Tana French, The Likeness (More of French, more good writing, but this one is a bit to longish.)

37. Tana French, Woods (Great writing, you're so near to the main character, it's scary.)



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