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Gelesen November 2015

Im Urlaub muss man nicht so viel Zeit mit nutzlosen Dingen wie Lohnarbeit verschwenden, da konnte ich unter der Sonne Madeiras einiges von der Leseliste abhaken:

55. Hugh Howey, Sand (A family struggling for survival in a world that consists mostly of sand. Deep beneath the sand is the old world buried. So diving into the sand is the a way to make money. But when a message from the long gone father arrives things will change ...)
54. Patrick Ness, The New World (The short story of a girl loosing his parents when the family lands as scouts on a new planet to prepare a new settlement. A prequel to the Chaos Walking trilogy and after finishing it I'd like to read the trilogy.)
53. Naomi Kramer, DEAD(ish) (Boring short story from Feedbooks)
52. Naomi Novik, Uprooted (A story about a wood corrupted by bad magic and a young witch fighting it. Kind of based on polish fairy tales - nice read.)
51. Elizabeth Strout, The Burgess Boys (Very depressing, but readable story about 3 siblings from Maine.)
49.-50. Kai Meyer, Die Alchemistin / Die Unsterbliche (Das bemerkenswerteste an diesem Buch sind dutzende Seiten mit Realschulaufsätzen über die Entstehung der Bücher am Ende. Ansonsten gequirlte Kacke mit Alchemie, Unsterblichkeit, Gilgamesch, Jungfrauenblut ... ihr wisst schon. Und über Frauen sollte er vielleicht besser gar nicht schreiben, wenn es in Bezug auf Geschlechterrollen über Johanna Spyris Heidi hinausgehen soll ...)
48. Maggie Stiefvater, Blue Lily Lily Blue (Is this getting better? ... Nope.)
47. Maggie Stiefvater, The Dream Thieves (As the first part was disappointing, I wasn't sure If I should read this at all. But I need to admit it's a bit better. I like the idea of Mr. Gray and Ronan's ability to get things from dreams into reality. Some stuff is nearly horror [for young adulds]. Ley lines still suck though. And not much progress for the rest of the characters.)


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