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Gelesen November 2016

63. Jodi Picoult, House Rules (Story about a mother and her son with Asperger's syndrome who is obssessed with crime scene investigation and became accused of murder.)
62. Feronia Petri, St. Pauli Baby (Ok, war umsonst. Aber dieser erschütternd schlecht geschriebene, wirre Krimi voller Plattitüden einer Zugezogenen Möchtegernhamburgerin ist damit noch zu teuer.)
61. Elisabeth Lowell, Death Echo (Thriller with a lot of ex-secret service guys, actual secret service guys, poltical guys and other stupid guys. And boats. The most interesting part was the landscape of B.C., Canada, where I've been myself a few years ago.)
60. David D. Levine, Arabelle of Mars (The old story of a girl disguising as boy to save her family, here in a quite interesting steampunkish setup including sailship travelling to Mars. The end is a bit too cheesy and giving up too much options for a tough female character though.)
59. John Lescroart, Damage (The crime novel comes along as straight black & white story, but provides some interesting turns in the end.)
58. Florian Lafani & Gautier Renault, Blinder Einsatz (Französischer Thriller, der dem Leser eine ziemliche Räuberpistole auftischt und sich auch irgendwie nicht gut liest.)
57. Lennox Parker, Back(stabbed) in Brooklyn (A different version of "bringing the boys back together" with some surprising twists.)
56. Dennis Lehane, Moonlight Mile (Private eye story, nice read, but nothing special.)
55. Bentley Little, Verderben (Horror? Langatmige Story über den LADEN, der eine kleine Ortschaft schluckt.)