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b-movie Invasion / st. pauli invasion

# FIRST - the movie #

Get ready for a great documentation about and with a good guy who unfortunately will leave this world soon: Christoph Schlingensief - Die Piloten Deutschland, 2008, 95 min, 35mm b-movie, Brigittenstraße The movie is german and in german! Entrance fee usually 3,50.

# SECOND - the bar #

Afterwards we will go out to kiss the early thursday night and start the weekend in one of the bar's around: Est. 22:00 at Zoe (the one and only) Annenstraße (Corner Clemens-Schultz-Straße)

Hoax or not?

Very often I've told people: "Don't buy technical devices defective by design, like Ipods, Zuneplayer and everything else that can't be used with free software. Otherwise someday you'll wonder why your device stops working and/or you learn that you don't own any of the content. It's just spending money for a temporary service!" While the first music got useless with turning off licenceservers a while ago, there are now news that a special type of Zunes stopped working overnight. Hoax? Pure coincidence? Anyway, M$ will love it.

Via Fefe.

Eating Betty: "every spoil a DUB"

As anounced elsewhere, finally Eating Betty's "every spoil a DUB" appears on our shitty little planet. Thanks to someone special I was able to grab the CD from my postbox before leaving to Berlin. After the business stuff, I've had a good time with old friends and some poets* (MC Jabber really rocks!) there. Right now I'm sitting under the surveillance of at least a dozen of robocops** in the train back to Hamburg, a weak autumn sun fighting bravely through the clouds ... northeastern german wastelands.

In my ears the new piece from NYC ... starting slowly and a promising deep bass (wrong equipment here, but the neighbours have been warned). Never losing track off (the) roots. Pieces of voices from somewhere, disturbing, echoing in the back of the songs and listening mind ... And of course, again the typical Eating Betty guitar: not quite fitting to a dub setup (and if you listened to some of the other ACEtone projects you'll find out for sure, that he knows to play dirty rock'n'roll as well ...), but lurking around the edges, filling in the gaps of echos, somehow present adding something handmade and easy.

A very nice cd of dub that doesn't share the (often) sterile atmosphere of this category. Roots and influences are not just mixed up, everything went through the special Eating Betty evolution process first. This is nicely put together with original and unique selfmade parts. And: There is always something warm and human in it based on human voices and "real" instruments. And warmth and humanity is a lot in this dark age. As my (so far - may change after further hearing) favourite track is titled: Goodness Dub.

So, if you're ready for dub, eager to shake your ass or just curious gegenglueck recommends this one. I was told it's available in every good online shop, but if you go out and demand it at your favourite record shop, the dealer could benefit from widening his horizon as well.

* Sorry, but I do NOT link to MyShit.
**After recounting: alone in this part of the train there is a robocop for every four of the passengers. Probably I'm surrounded by grannies with bombs in their purses, toddlers with pumpguns in their bagpack, nerds with laptops hacking into everything, every second passenger is reading "how to build a bomb"-books hidden behind bestseller covers ... a society of terrorists. And old men with ballpens, printing the internet day by day, are the last ones standing to fight it with robocops, surveillance, fascistic laws ...

Berlin, Berlin

The area around Berlin Hauptbahnhof / German Parliament looks like an alien base in a wasteland near Moabit. A tumor in the city, an architectural misfunction, a concrete wound in the city surface ... aliens or humanoids: I guess it's alright to declare war on'em anyway.

Good news from NYC

No, it's not about a new president. This doesn't change anything and until the end of january there's enough time for the actual primate president to start another war, start nuclear power plants and he'll definetly waste more money.

The good news are here: ACEtone finally released a new album from "Eating Betty" my favourite dub source. Check it out yourself, when the piece is shaking my walls I'll let you know about my impressions.