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Gelesen Januar 2019

7. Cory Doctorow, The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (Phhh. This was boring.)
6. Cory Doctorow, Walkaway (I really wanted to read Doctorow's newest novel. Although it was fun to read at some point the arguments where a bit too much like short summaries of decade long discussions. In a way brilliant, but very unlikely a talk between humans. I like "Walkaway" as an attitude and a strategy. Extrapoint for stressing the fact that we can't stop greed, but we really need to make it socially as aceptable as covering yourself in your own shit.)
3.-5. Martha Wells, The Books of the Raksura (I like the worlds and beings, the story is ok as well, but sometimes it feels like the animal instincts of the raksura are just a cheap excuse to avoid describing more complex social interactions.)
2. Markus Kleinknecht, Unbarmherzig (Der Mann kennt Hamburg, ansonsten aber eher Standardregionalkrimikost.)
1. Ann-Kathrin Karschnick, Phoenix - Kinder der Glut (Um das mal zuende zu bringen: Letzter Teil, aber hat mich irgendwie eher gelangweilt.)