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Gelesen Mai/Juni 2017

Merke: Besser gelesen und nix gepostet, als gepostet und nix gelesen.

22./23./24. Cherie Priest, Clementine / Dreadnought / Ganymede (Heavy tweaked history, steampunk, kickass women and ... zombies - what can be wrong with that?)
21. Douglas Adams, Der lange Fünfuhrtee der Seele (Quasi als Nachwehe des Internationalen Handtuchtages auf dem PON nochmal gelesen. Ist immer noch lustig.)
18./19./20. Stephen R. Donaldson, The Wounded Land / The One Tree (The second chronicles of Thomas Convenant, the Unbeliever. After 10 years of life as a leper outcast he meets Linden and both of them are summoned to the Land, where millennias have passed since Convenants last visit. And nothing is like it used to be. Accept the Despiser's/Lord Foul's attempts to destroy everything ...)