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Gelesen Februar 2016

12. Steven Erikson, Willful Child (I've read thousands of pages from Erikson - The Malazan Book of the Fallen - and really liked it. But this obvious attempt to do something else was really boring. It's a sci-fi with a very cynical look on future "development" of mankind and supposed to be funny. But it's just not funny. And no story either.)
11. Dave Eggers, The Circle (Scary view on the not-so-far future of social media and the resulting total control.)
10. Mike Nicol, Bad Cop (Südafrikanischer Thriller, ziemlich viel Mackerkram.)
9. Sabine Thiessler, Der Menschenräuber (Das war jetzt das erste Buch von Thiessler, dass ich doof fand. Hier ist die Story extrem dünn und die Charaktere langweilig.)
8. Anne Tyler, Noah's Compass (Story about a more or less ambitionless 60 year old. Not boring, but also not very interesting.)