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Gelesen April 2013

* Randy Wayne White, Deep Shadow (Thriller. A biologiest, a hippie, a redneck and a teenager go for a treasurehunt and have to face the dangers of diving, psychomurder on the run and a quasi ancient gigantic lizard. Questions?)
* Stephen King, Blockade Billy (Novella. Nice read for the second part of a 12-hour trainride.)
* Jeff Vandermeer, City and Saints of Madmen (I guess I start to understand, why Jeff Vandermeer is called the founder of "The New Weird". Weird it was. Sometimes interesting, but sometimes also boring. I'd liked more of a story and less footnotes, fake literature lists and so on.)
* Stefan Haenni, Narrentod (Krimi. Ein paar interessante neue Schweizer Begriffe. Das war es dann aber auch.)