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Den Ordner "Blogs" in meinen Bookmarks wahrgenommen, alle enthaltenen Links geöffnet. Nichts Interessantes gefunden. Ordner gelöscht. Notiz an mich selbst: Überlegen, was mit dieser Domain passiert. Blog ist out.

(Ja, ich habe auch einen RSS-Reader, der "darf" maximal 50 Feeds lesen, damit ich auch mal was anderes tue. Da sind z. Zt. 39 Abos drin, incl. meines eigenen.)

Ugly old farts, good music

(Dies ging eigentlich an mein Hospitality Netzwerk.)

To stop the powermetal manicacs, soul freaks & salsa fanatics here a bit and to grap the flowers from the arse of hell, I'll like to invite you to join the "punk-as-fuck"-weekend from 30.11.-02.12. here in Hamburg.

Warm up
Friday, 30.11.07 - 20.00 (5,- euros) "King-Calavera"-Club (Hans-Albers-Platz)- changing DJs and The Mighty Struts playing live (Flyer).

Live & loud
Saturday, 01.12.07 - 21:00 (est. 4,50 euros) Størtebeker (Bernard-Nocht-Straße) - three Bands playing live: Apocalipstix, Hausvabot (Punks from Berlin with real mohawks and all that stuff) and the great Neue Katastrophen (Local band with the encouraging anthem "everything is shit, nothing is gonna be alright"). After the show it's just a stroll to "King-Calavera"-Club for the second part of "Alte Säcke fürs Volk".

Matinee / Finals
Sunday, 02.12.07 - 18:00 (12,00 euros, buying tickets in advance for 10,50 € is strongly recommended!) Hafenklang (Große Bergstraße) - supported by the two swiss bands Mike Shiva and Flimmern the famous Kommando Sonne-nmilch will play, if you don't know them (and their former bands) you don't know anything about punk in germany at all.

Interested? You'll be attending all events? Ok, if you send me a private message and have a valid ticket for the Kommando Sonnen-nmilch show I'll may consider to invite you to the traditional pre-show-party with "Vorglühen" at sunday afternoon (limited space).

Oh, you don't like punk at all? Sorry, but in this case I really recommend to stay away from anything mentioned here. No offence ment, you know, we're very tolerant and hear nearly everything (Punk _AND_ Hardcore), but as mentioned above: this is punk-as-fuck.

no future!